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Our Story

JSC “Tbilchempharma” has been functioning since 1995. From 1934 it has been a legal successor of the industrial association “Sakkhimparmpreparatebi” (Georgian Chemicals), which was one of the tops three biggest producers of pharmaceutical products in the former The Soviet Union. It produced about 200 different medicaments and complex chemical products worth of US 100 Million. 

The following products were prepared on the base of “Sakkhimparmpreparatebi” (Georgian Chemicals): Tannin, Gallic Acid, Aloe Dry Extract, Gluferal, Traceptin, etc.

JSC “Tbilchempharma” is producing medicaments in Tablets, Injection liquids (Ampoule), Ointments, Tinctures, Syrups.

The prize - for best quality production Business initiative Group BI, Madrid, Spain

The prize - for the best quality and distinguished, prestigious business Quality Summit New York.

The prize - Platinum Star for the best quality products WQC International Star Award, Paris, France.